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Welcome to Our Kangaroo Café (that's the real one) Website.


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ONLY at .....18 Bao Khanh St, Ha Noi


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Since 1994, the Aussie based, Griswald's Vietnamese Vacations & our Kangaroo Café in Ha Noi have specialised in genuine small group travel and tours for singles, couples, small groups and families in Viet Nam.

We have tours to Ha Long Bay, Sa Pa, Mai Chau & beyond.

We hope you like our web site & invite you to visit us in Ha Noi & we're sure you'll agree,

We're not like everybody else !

At the Real Kangaroo Café you'll find out more about our tours & be able to enjoy our great Vietnamese, Western or Veggie food & get the latest, local, travel info Please don't forget, the Real Kangaroo Café is only at - 18 Bao Khanh St (around the corner from the ANZ bank in Ha Noi).

We're constantly updating our Facebook & You Tube pages & you'll see, not just the latest news about Viet Nam but an accurate account of who we are, what we do & how we do it, just us, warts & all.

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Only at 18 Bao Khanh St Hanoi.

We sure are ..... not like everybody else !

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We're still the most copied tour company in Viet Nam, ever !!!


For anyone thinking about scuba diving in Viet Nam, you'll be pleased to know we're working with Rainbow Divers now & very happily too. Rainbow's Safety & Prices are great & the crew that work there are fun too. 


Here's some food ideas & please look further down for our tour info.


We're on the International Cow, Top 50 best burger joints in the world.



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Getting genuine advice on travelling in Vietnam ... not as easy as it should be !

These days with all the self promotion & paid for but allegedly independent reviews on the many travel forums it's so hard to work out just who's who in the zoo.  We've had way more than our fair share of grief & nonsense with the Lying Planet mob & Trip Advisor in particular. Trip Advisor are crying in their beer now about their recent fine of over 500,000 Euros for the thousands of fake reviews (just in Italy) & it's only the tip of the Camberg too.

Kwikchex & the Naked Hungry Traveller have been great in bringing the cash for clicks, Trip Advisor, LP & others to heel & it really is way overdue.  It's time the shameless self promotion & paid for reviews on the various travel forums stopped & lets hope this time it does. Over the last 20 years thousands have chosen us for their tours. 

Time & again (some for their 2nd, 3rd & 4th trip) many have said they chose us because they wanted to go with the tour operator & not just a ticket seller.  They're always happy with the fexibility & security that comes with it.


So, what makes our Café & Tours so popular ?

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* NEW * Just recently the very popular, BBC - Fast Track's team, popped in whilst in Ha Noi.  Rajan Datar, Mike London & the crew were so kind & we wish to thank them again, very much. They were doing a show on Viet Nam & it's great, like so many BBC shows are. Fast Track (click) Viet Nam Direct & it's well worth a look.

Griswald's & our Kangaroo Café have enjoyed lots of great reviews in various publications around the world.  In Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong etc & in publications like the Sydney Morning Herald, the New York Times, the Boston Globe & Singapore Airlines to name just a few.


Again, welcome to our web site.


Here's some reviews that we were very pleased about !

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From the 2008/9 Rough Guide, Sth East Asia book.

This is where we are !!!

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Click on the thumbnails above to get a printable version of our Ha Noi or HCM maps.

Now, to see more about our tours ...... Please click on the links below

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to see more about our Ha Long & Cat Ba Tours.

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to see more about our Sa Pa Hotel & Home Stay tours.


Our signature Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island tours, our Sa Pa Hotel & Homestay tours are always very popular.

We've got plenty of other shorter & longer tours available too to places like - Mai Chau, the Perfume Pagoda, Ha Noi Day tours, the Handi Craft Villages, Kenh Ga Springs, Ba Be Lakes, etc, etc. 

We also handle train & airline tickets too & can offer good advice on booking reasonably priced, clean, local hotels not only here in Ha Noi but as you make your way down south too in Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang & HCM City.

Booking a tour with us

No matter what you've read & we know it all sounds so very urgent BUT ...

It's not necessary to book tours weeks or months ahead & especially ours !!!

There's not just no need to do but there's no advantage either ...

except for the hundreds of mobs flogging the exact same tour coupons !!!

The reasons for this alleged urgency are nearly always false & the best way is to just pop into the cafe a day or so (a few is better) before you'd like to go & that's it, you'll be just fine.  Take your time enjoying Ha Noi before heading off to Ha Long Bay or Sa Pa etc & use the cafe as a pitt stop in between your tours.

With free luggage storage, hot showers, clean towels, good food etc, it's convenient & it makes sense too.

We know the internet's full of scare tactics about how you won't get a tour, Ha Long Bay's really busy at that time of year, the sky's falling etc & many people get spooked by the closing down rave & so to help with that our customers can make a tentative booking with us over the internet.

The biggest trouble with this booking everything months ahead is that it leaves no wiggle room for you to stay that extra day or two somewhere when you're having fun. Similarly, when an Airline cancels/postpones your flight without warning & when you get to the hotel late ..... your rooms gone & the next drama is about cancellation fees.

That's why we've always advised our guests to relax, take your time & don't get locked in months ahead because you've been pushed so hard by one of the many internet booking sites.

We make it much easier with just a few steps;

  • To book a tour with us please contact us by email.  

  • We require your arrival details & the hotel your staying in.

  • Approx what time you'll be able to come over & pay for your tour.

  • We'll hold your spots until an agreed to time & it's that simple !

Lastly, please be reasonable & keep us informed of your movements.

Turning up at 8.00 PM the night before is hardly fair on us or our other guests.

If it's a late flight or you got lost on the way to town, we're only a phone call away & our numbers are listed below.


NOTE: If for any reason we're unable to get you away on the day of your choice we'll make arrangements for you to go with another reputable tour company & we'll make sure you pay only the price we quoted.

We think that's fair & the few times that this has occurred our customers have been very happy about it too.

Also: Don't send anyone in Viet Nam your Credit Card number & you really can't be too careful about that !!!

Viet Nam is awash with CC scams (just ask your bank) & as such, we only accept cash.

You can pay in USD or VND.

Click here to see a story about a gang in HCM City the Vietnamese Cops busted for credit card fraud recently.


For a long time now, we can't reply or send email to Hotmail accounts, the emails just keep bouncing back to us.  We know that the Hotmail outfit gets millions of spam emails each day to the millions of free email accounts they have & so the filtering they use has to be very strong to try & protect them & their customers. 


It seems better with others Gmail, Yahoo etc yet, but there may come a time when we will.


There really is nothing better than a real email account. At about $2 a week, it's not a bad idea. We know it's old fashioned, but the most effective form of communication is the spoken word & it's still really worth a try.


For $1 or $2 call us here at the Café (Our Numbers are below) if there's anything you feel is urgent.


The Crew at the Kangaroo Café

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Various shots of friends, customers, neighbours (?) etc !

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Contact Details

The best way to receive more information about us &/or our tours, is to E-mail us.

Our Email address is: kangaroo@kangaroocafe.com

Griswald's Vietnamese Vacations


P.O. Box 501, Leichhardt N.S.W. 2040 Australia

& our REAL Kangaroo Café

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ONLY at .....18 Bao Khanh St, Ha Noi

To chat, person to person (it only costs a Dollar or $2) phone us direct.

Our Café Number in Viet Nam  - +844 382 899 31

Our Mobile Number in Viet Nam - +84 913 506 223

Australian Company Registration Number: 107 709 384 

Aust Govt Travel Agents Licence Number (your international protection): 2TA5568

Doing business with companies over the internet still makes some people, understandably, nervous. Australian Travel Agents, like us, are licensed by the NSW Government Dept of Fair Trading & all our bona fides are available online through the Department's web site.

Only REAL Travel Agents can offer you this security & protection. 

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